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What is preventing my weight loss?

A common issue facing many exercisers is that, even after having committed to a regimen of nutrition and exercise, the goals of weight loss and muscle gain just aren't lining up. You'll ask "why am I not losing weight?" and the answers seem elusive. If you have a wellness coach or a trainer whom can coach you, then talk to him or her about the issue. Just remember that this process is challenging and it's not your fault if its not working immediately.
Here's a few possible things to consider:

Adjust the meal planning - your meals may be leaving you hungry, and that's a recipe for disaster. Review your meal plan with your coach to see if there's adequate protein, fat, or hydration in your planExercising too often or too hard - completing a challenging routine may make you feel accomplished, but if your metabolic rate is getting too high, then your body will signal the need to consume more food for energy. Start with monitoring your heart rate to stay in…
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Do the shoes make the runner?

I was just reading WIRED about the Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4 and how it helped runners gain a competitive advantage.
Naturally, a shoe cannot make up for training, but it can give them an edge against their competitors.
Finding the right shoe can be challenging.
Here's some things to consider when looking for a shoe: 1. The height of the arch of the foot
2. Does the foot roll out or roll in during the strike phase?
3. Does one or both legs rotate out in the swing phase?
4. Where on the foot does it hit the ground?
5. Is there any discomfort after running for a distance? Got a running question? Email me

Eat more fat to lose belly fat - 5 things to try

Enjoy the foods you already like to eat! It's about taking things you would normally have and use them more effectively1 Start using butter again!
Butter has gotten a bad reputation for over a generation as being a leading cause of heart disease related to its saturated fat content. Studies and books have been recently published challenging the idea that saturated fat only has a downside. When properly incorporated into your diet, foods like butter, cream, sour cream and cheese can contribute to a greater feeling of satiety than low fat foods full of fillers and sugar
2 Try to have fish, meat, or chicken with your meals. 
Animal proteins have the highest amount of protein per serving, and that helps you feel more full when eating a meal. You'll want to eat about a fist size of food to get enough protein for your body to build lean muscle, and that can help manage your metabolism and burn calories all day long. 

3 Find fruits and vegetables that you like to eat

More fresh foods …

Today's Interval Workout

Round One
Medium weights, mat
1. Standing on left foot only- bilateral bicep curls
2. Standing on right foot only- bilateral overhead press
3. Kneeling on mat, push up to single arm posterior rotation. Alternate arms per push up
4. Knees bent, lying supine, crunchesRoundtwo
Heavy weights, mat
1. Lunge holding both weights, back foot on step.
2. Repeat with other leg on step
3. Lying side crunches with knee raise, left side
4. Squats holding both weights
5. Lying side crunches with knee raise, right sideRound Three
Small weights, mat, step
1. Lying supine with heels on step edge, bilateral Triceps extensions and hip bridges
2. Single leg raise with hip lift, simultaneously engage bilateral chest fly
3. Opposite leg Single leg raise with hip lift, over head rotations
4. Bird dog, both sides

Today's Interval Workout

Round One
Step, light weights
1.Standing on step, reverse lunge right leg w/bicep curls
2. Standing on step, reverse lunge left leg w/bicep curls
3. Alternating step ups with opposite side reach down to leg on floor
4. Right leg on floor, left leg behind on step. Squat down and reach left hand with weight behind you
5. Left leg on floor, right leg behind on step. Squat down and reach right hand with weight behind youRound Two
Heavy weights, mat on step
1. Hands and knees on mat, right leg fully extended perpendicular  to right side, right big toe to ground. Short leg lift and touch to floor.
2. Repeat on left side.
3. Hands and knees on mat. Row with right arm
4. Repeat on opposite arm.
5. Kneeling on mat, weights in both hands. Lift rear from off of heels to straighten upper legs and body. Return to kneel. Repeat.
6. Hover plank on step twenty secondsRound Three
Medium weights, mat, step
1. Bilateral Triceps extensions with sit up
2. Supine leg abductions
3. Alternating step ups …