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The Fitness of Sleep

Understanding the Zombie Teen's Body Clock -

Hey everyone, since we talked about it a few weeks ago, I thought I would share another article on sleep.
Sleep is so important for normal metabolic function. I can tell you that I am guilty of not getting enough sleep too. It's something all of us should work on.

This article focuses on its affect for teens and how sleep rhythms affect performance during the day. The study is eye-opening.We'll be back next week with a new workout and some health tips. In the mean time, get some rest!

The "Workout:Not-So-Impossible"

Robert Irvine, famous Food Network chef of shows like "Restaurant:Impossible", is no stranger to having to get way too many things done in a short amount of time. His show focuses on him getting tough jobs done in very short amounts of time. He was recently interviewed about his workout routine because this master chef is buff!

Irvine, age 47, says that he has switched to lighter weights but regular workout routines at 5:00 am every morning. The important thing to note is that this guy is always looking for a gym everywhere he goes during his 330 days on the road, and takes some of his crew with him.

In his shows, he generally gets to his destination at 7:00 am, and before you know it, he's hard at work getting the impossible job done. Lesson learned: you can get it done.

He has also shared details about his workout and his commitment. From IdeatFit,com:
I do between 45 minutes to 1 hour of very light weights, but with high reps in sets of 60, 50, 40, 20, 30, 10. I do f…