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A Few Simple Ways To Maintain or Lose Weight Fast

A Few Ways to Maintain or Lose Weight Fast These short activities can add up every day to burn more calories More than half of everyone who joins a gym or other workout facility leaves after their first year, even with a strong commitment to weight loss. We've discovered that there are a few things that can increase your everyday calorie burn, improve your body's energy consumption, and maintain muscle tone even though you're not making it in to the gym or seeing a trainer right now.
1. Stand up at least once every 30 minutes Standing up increases the pressure in your circulatory system, and this helps to reinforce the pressure of this system. Small changes in blood pressure are a way to stimulate cardiac (heart) muscle and arterial walls, as well as the valves responsible for maintaining blood flow.
Having reduced pressure in the circulatory system can lead to cardiovascular problems, such as shortness of breath when walking or other moderate activities. It can also lead …

Drink This! Feel Better!

New Studies Show ReDox Secret To Rejuvenation One of the observable truths found in cells is that they are constantly at battle with free radicals to maintain the homeostasis of the cell. When cells need energy, they break down glucose we get from our food to get protons to replenish ATP in cells for energy to provide for normal cell functions, such as contracting muscles or building DNA for new cells. The protons released from the breakdown of glucose increase the acidity level of the cell unless it is wrapped up by either Pyruvate or NAD+. NAD+ does a ton of work buffering the cell to keep it neutral and not break down from the "free-radical" protons created from the breakdown of glucose from energy. NAD+ Levels Decline With Age Normal cell levels of buffers are not made by our bodies, but are produced from B vitamins in our diet. The levels in our bodies tend to decline with age due to inefficiencies in the breakdown of vitamin B with aging. Less NAD+ means more cells fa…