Sunday, November 20, 2016

Some issues to consider with a meat free diet

I've regularly discussed the risks of abandoning meat in one's diet in favor of grains and legumes.

Another author was kind enough to publish a well sourced article about it and I'm sharing it my readers here

Follow this link to read it

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Today's Interval Workout

Round One- step, mat, and medium weights
1.Supine on mat with feet on step, bent knees, alternating chest presses
2. Weights on chest, same position, crunches
3. Kneeling on mat, overhead shoulder presses
4. Still kneeling, one hand on step, fly out and rotate torso from floor.

Round Two- heavy weights, step and mat
1. Slow lunge (3 count down, 3 count up) with one weight
2. Dead lift with both weights
3. Squat, both weights, one foot on step
4. Plank hold

Round Three- light weights, mat and step
1. Step behind and diagonal with bicep curl, alternating step up
2. Alternating Diagonal crunches on mat
3. Alternating step up and press up
4. Flutters on mat
5. Quick step ups

Repeat each round three times, 40 seconds per exercise

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Today's Interval Workout

Round One - medium weights and mat
1. Sitting upright on mat with knees slightly bent, bilateral bicep curls
2. Lying supine, knees bent, bilateral chest press with crunch up
3. Lying supine, superior rotation with straight arms, return to arms over chest
4. Kneeling back flys

Round Two - light weights and step
1. Diagonal step up from right edge and down to left, with front raise (weights parallel) and return
2. Alternating Diagonal reverse step back with opposite side arm rotations
3. Step forward off step and return, alternating legs
4. Left reverse lunge off step
5. Right reverse lunge off step

Round Three- heavy weights, step and mat
1. Bridge position, feet on step, right arm unilateral chest press
2. Weights on stomach, bridges up and
3. Bridge position, feet on step, left arm unilateral chest press
4. Single leg, left leg on step bridge  with extended right leg raises
5. Single leg, right leg on step bridge  with extended right leg raises