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Today's Interval Workout

Round One
Step, light weights
1.Standing on step, reverse lunge right leg w/bicep curls
2. Standing on step, reverse lunge left leg w/bicep curls
3. Alternating step ups with opposite side reach down to leg on floor
4. Right leg on floor, left leg behind on step. Squat down and reach left hand with weight behind you
5. Left leg on floor, right leg behind on step. Squat down and reach right hand with weight behind youRound Two
Heavy weights, mat on step
1. Hands and knees on mat, right leg fully extended perpendicular  to right side, right big toe to ground. Short leg lift and touch to floor.
2. Repeat on left side.
3. Hands and knees on mat. Row with right arm
4. Repeat on opposite arm.
5. Kneeling on mat, weights in both hands. Lift rear from off of heels to straighten upper legs and body. Return to kneel. Repeat.
6. Hover plank on step twenty secondsRound Three
Medium weights, mat, step
1. Bilateral Triceps extensions with sit up
2. Supine leg abductions
3. Alternating step ups …

Yesterday's Interval Workout

Round One
Medium weights, mat, step
One leg on step, staggered squats with bilateral bicep curls.
Switch sides
Crunches on mat
Forward lunge to step with overhead press
Switch legs
Knee raises on mat Round Two
Heavy weights, mat on step
Pullovers with one or two weights
V-sit bicycles
Bent over rows  (one side at a time, one knee on mat)
Plank on mat (on step) Round Three
Light weights, mat parallel next to step
Left leg on step, knee on mat, bilateral shoulder raises
Lunge up from floor
Knees together, oblique tilt (left side then right side)
Right leg on step, knee to mat, lunge up and down
Right leg on step, leaning forward, triceps kickbacks 40 seconds per round. First two rounds repeated  three times. Last round repeated twice