Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Eat more fat to lose belly fat - 5 things to try

Enjoy the foods you already like to eat!

It's about taking things you would normally have and use them more effectively

1 Start using butter again!

Butter has gotten a bad reputation for over a generation as being a leading cause of heart disease related to its saturated fat content. Studies and books have been recently published challenging the idea that saturated fat only has a downside. When properly incorporated into your diet, foods like butter, cream, sour cream and cheese can contribute to a greater feeling of satiety than low fat foods full of fillers and sugar

2 Try to have fish, meat, or chicken with your meals. 

Animal proteins have the highest amount of protein per serving, and that helps you feel more full when eating a meal. You'll want to eat about a fist size of food to get enough protein for your body to build lean muscle, and that can help manage your metabolism and burn calories all day long. 
Photo courtesy: Guard your Health

 3 Find fruits and vegetables that you like to eat

More fresh foods in your meals has been shown to be the most effective at managing your health. Processed foods tend to have lots of salt or sugar to make them taste good, and in a greater quantity than your body may need each day. Fruits and vegetables will have a greater variety of nutrients to keep you feeling better, and the colorful foods have been shown to improve your mood as well!

4 Learn to cook healthy food you like

I'm not assuming anything here. Cooking isn't your thing? Try a free online course to get started on that. Once you are cooking, think about healthy ways to spice up your favorite meals. Try adding a cup of vegetables to your favorite meal, using spaghetti squash in your next mac and cheese casserole, or adding more vegetables to your favorite pasta dish. Get creative but don't give up on the foods you like to eat.

5 You can still have chocolate cake

Making desserts is still a possibility. You can try some amazingly modified chocolate cake recipes that have better ingredients, or try to make your favorite recipes in muffin tins and freeze them for when you want one. Having a positive attitude and good feelings about eating is the best way to get the results you are looking for.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Changing the way we look at how heart disease develops

A review of a recent article  challenging how we think heart disease develops


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Today's Interval Workout

Round One
Medium weights, mat
1. Standing on left foot only- bilateral bicep curls
2. Standing on right foot only- bilateral overhead press
3. Kneeling on mat, push up to single arm posterior rotation. Alternate arms per push up
4. Knees bent, lying supine, crunches

Round two
Heavy weights, mat
1. Lunge holding both weights, back foot on step.
2. Repeat with other leg on step
3. Lying side crunches with knee raise, left side
4. Squats holding both weights
5. Lying side crunches with knee raise, right side

Round Three
Small weights, mat, step
1. Lying supine with heels on step edge, bilateral Triceps extensions and hip bridges
2. Single leg raise with hip lift, simultaneously engage bilateral chest fly
3. Opposite leg Single leg raise with hip lift, over head rotations
4. Bird dog, both sides