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Eat more fat to lose belly fat - 5 things to try

Enjoy the foods you already like to eat! It's about taking things you would normally have and use them more effectively1 Start using butter again!
Butter has gotten a bad reputation for over a generation as being a leading cause of heart disease related to its saturated fat content. Studies and books have been recently published challenging the idea that saturated fat only has a downside. When properly incorporated into your diet, foods like butter, cream, sour cream and cheese can contribute to a greater feeling of satiety than low fat foods full of fillers and sugar
2 Try to have fish, meat, or chicken with your meals. 
Animal proteins have the highest amount of protein per serving, and that helps you feel more full when eating a meal. You'll want to eat about a fist size of food to get enough protein for your body to build lean muscle, and that can help manage your metabolism and burn calories all day long. 

3 Find fruits and vegetables that you like to eat

More fresh foods …