Monday, September 23, 2013

Developments in Nutrition and Weight Loss

A Calorie May Not Be Just A Calorie

Recent Studies Show That Genes or Bacteria May Affect Matabolism

A recent article in the Economist gives a synopsis of four very fascinating studies into how different people may metabolize glucose in different fashions. The metabolic pathways could change based on either certain genetic features of the person (or mouse in the study) or the presence of certain types of bacteria.
Fat Mouse, Healthy Diet!

There is another more extensive article in the New York Times looking more closely at how diets higher in fruits and vegetables but lower in saturated fat would not only result in weight loss, but also correlated in a change in the types of bacteria present in the mice that were losing weight in the study: the fat mice started to have similar bacterial compositions as the lean mice.

 Eating healthy is an important part of changing the stomach flora, and we have discussed on this blog about some important dietary changes that you can make right now. 
Finally- for a good laugh about keeping healthy- read about Surviving Whole Foods!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time for Another 5 Minute Workout!

5 Minute Core Workout!

Try one, two, or three rounds

  • 1:00 Push-Up With Opposite arm and leg Raise  
Start with both arms and legs on the floor, perform one push-up, and finish the push-up by lifting opposite arm and leg (pictured). 
  • :30 Single Leg Squat Right 
  • :30 Single Leg Squat Left             
Use a bench, couch, or whatever you find stable.              Shift your weight to your toes as you stand up. To modify, place your straight leg's heel on the floor to assist you as you stand up
  • 1:00 Alternating Side Planks  
 Start with arms straight as pictured, transition to side plank on right arm, return to straight arm plank, switch to side plank on left arm
  • 1:00 Jump Squats   
I think the picture says it all.

  • :30 Side Plank Toe Touch    
You can go into the side plank either on your hand or on your forearm. Raise your upper leg towards your hand straight out in front of you. Repeat this on both sides for :30 seconds.