Thursday, November 17, 2011

Medicated Nation

Psychiatric Drug Use Spreads -

The article above shows the trend in the US to treat more young adults with anti-depressant and other drugs.
It also mentions that there has been more awareness of the weight gain that occurs as a result of their use.
Please read it before continuing ...

I have first-hand experience with people suffering from psychological issues and their battle with weight gain.
No medication can replace our inner drive, either for good or bad. Being healthy only comes from inside. There has not been a pill invented to replace this: the medications remove impediments to our higher functions.

There is one self-evident truth:
Sometimes we all need help, and help can come from the outside.
The Talmud (Berachos 5b) relates how difficult it was for Rabbi Yochanan to get out of bed. He was suffering from illness and depression. Rabbi Eliezer visited him, and asked if he was recovering well. Rabbi Yochanan replied, "the prisoner cannot let himself out of jail". Rabbi Eliezer understood this as a cry for help, lifts Rabbi Yochanan onto his feet, and I presume to a full recovery (which is not stated explicitly in the Talmud)
This story echoes the difficulty in finding the strength and inner resolve to pull yourself out of depression or illness. We often need the support of friends and community to encourage change in ourselves.
I sincerely hope that the "Medication Nation" trend is not a replacement for the social remedies of support and encouragement.