Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Minute workout!!! Finally!

Simple, five minute workout when you can't get to the gym

I actually use this workout as part of the warm up to my kickboxing class

It hits pretty much every major muscle group, and gets your body loose for hours afterwards

5 Exercises, 5 minutes
1. 15 push-ups
When  I say push-ups, I mean solid ones.
Like the ones in this video. Body is straight. You go down straight. You come up straight.

2. 45 seconds Mountain Climbers
Quick transition from push-ups, because it is in the same plank position

Increase your speed for more intensity

3. Alternating Side Planks 
Great Way to fire up your core for rotation. Engage, and then switch sides
You can either time this for 30 seconds, or do ten on each side
4. 15 Squats 
These need to be squats that bring your thighs parallel with the floor

 5. 15 Lunges, left leg and right leg 
Legs should be set at right angles, pelvis at a neutral position, moving fixed up and down in a straight line. Don't step forward and back.