Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Five Minute Workout- Minimal Equipment Needed!

New Five minute Workout!

For a longer workout, do this multiple times!

  1. Warm- up with :20 Jumping Jacks, :20 High Knees, and :20 Jump Squats
  2. Find a couch and let's do tricep dips for :30
  3. Drop to the floor, and do some mountain climbers for :30 Move those legs fast!
  4. Let's do some pause push-ups for 1:00 At the bottom of your push-up, keep your chest a few inches from the floor, arms bent, count to 5 SLOWLY, then press up
  5. We're half way there! Let's stand up and do some walking lunges, prisoner style for 1:00
  6. Find a box somewhere in your house, or just stack a bunch of books and get ready to do deadlifts for :30 It is important to maintain proper form. Keep you back straight and push your hips back for full leverage.  Stand up straight to complete the movement.                                        
  7. Let's finish up this five minute workout with some skater plyos to work on those lateral muscles! Instead of explaining, just watch the video below. To modify the exercise, just step side to side instead of exploding off of the floor.    

If you plan on continuing the workout for another round, then rest for 1:00 between each round. Start with the warm up for each round to really get your heart rate up!