Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fitness News From Around the Web

Rituals make our food more flavorful - some simple gestures, not necessarily related to the food, make our involvement, and therefore our enjoyment, of the food, much higher.

Nutrients are better on a plate than in a bottle - the food-first approach is everyone's best recommendation. Living on pills isn't.

Get Informed! - know what to look for and what to know about supplementing your diet without risk of side effects or wasting your money on stuff that won't get absorbed.

Get the app! -  have all your nutritional information on your smart phone

Another "things you might be getting wrong" list - this focuses on weight perception and weight loss

Best points about meals and weight loss:

  1. Only eat when you know what you're eating- so try to make the food yourself
  2.  Foods higher in fiber and higher in flavor go best together- like broccoli and garbanzos
  3. Watch the dressings on your salads- vinegar and olive oil are best bets for low calorie flavor fests!
  4. Lean meat doesn't always mean no red meat- just grill it to release the fat or switch to bison meat which is leaner than almost all meat, chicken, and fish.
  5. Finally- if you're still hungry, reach for fresh fruits and veggies to snack on.