Monday, March 3, 2014

Get a Head Start on your Spring Makeover

It's Not Just For Your Home

Here's a few simple changes you can make starting tomorrow

Thanks to the wonderful snowstorm today, I've had the opportunity to make over my blog to better serve you guys. So it got me thinking: what are a few things I could do better for you, and, more globally, what are things we could do better for ourselves as spring hopefully approaches (swiftly!)

Firstly: I've added a page where you can go look at all of these products I mention on this blog. You can check it out here. This way, when I add a new workout for a BOSU or recommend a foam rolling position, you can just go look at one and then order it if you'd like.

Secondly, I've simplified the layout so it's easier to find my older posts

Finally, I've added an easy way to sign up via email. It was impossible to locate before. We will lose the sleek and dynamic layout in favor of functionality for now.

And now- on to a few quick tips to get ready for spring!

  • Take a few deep breaths, and learn to relax. I blogged about this last year, and I expect to help you reduce your stress into this year as well.
  • Reducing external stress allows you to lower your levels of cortisol without having to find food to calm yourself down.
  • Release the tension in your back by lying with a foam roller along your spine and reaching your arms above your head. Great way to unwind.
It's also a great time to think about using natural products to help reduce the likelihood of headaches and sinus pressure. Some water with lemon (to your taste, either lemon concentrate or some slices of lemon) can help reduce compression headaches.
It's also a good idea to switch to natural and organic cleaners. You can order these products online for much less than regular cleaners at discount stores. Visit this link to learn more.