Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How blame affects your workout

I was reading a wonderful post from R. Stephen Baars titled: What is The Worst Word in the English Language?
His point rings true for many people trying to get their workouts in regularly. So many external factors to blame: I have to do this for this person, that for that person. If you can't get it done for you, then how can you expect to get it done for them? Taking responsibility for the issues that surrounds you is the first step to being successful.

If you can blame your life for your lack of time, then you will have to blame it for all of the health issues that WILL develop. How do you prioritize which jobs will get done and which won't?  As R. Baars himself notes:
If you remove blame from your life, then you have no excuse but to succeed.

Success is measured by getting the job done, not by finding excuses around it.