Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fitness News From Around The Web

What's Trending This Week In Fitness?

Because another Polar Vortex is crushing the east coast again!

Testosterone Warnings Becoming A Reality

  • Public Advocacy Group Asks FDA For Warning About Heart Attacks here and here
  • Other Hormonal Factors Could Contribute To Low Energy and Low Libido here
  • Concern's Raised About Testosterone Replacement Therapy here

Workout Motivations In Bad Weather

  • Simple, At-Home Workouts In Bad Weather here
  • Music Is a Great Workout Buddy here
  • Fast Five Minute Workout! here
  • 15 Minute Arm Crushing Workout here

Some Winter Meal Suggestions, Get Ready For Spring

  • 10 Winter Comfort Food Meals, Fast And Easy here
  • Simple Quinoa Recipes here
  • Mix It Up With Some Great Lentil Recipes (lots of Protein!)here