Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A New, Five-Minute Workout!

The Best Thing About Five Minute Workouts...

...Is That You Can Do As Many Rounds As You Want!

Exercise #1 Body Saw

You'll need a little bit of equipment for this, like Glidders or any furniture mover, or even just a towel if you are on hardwood.
Start off in a solid plank position (I discussed good form for planks in an earlier post).
Extend your forearms forward to slide backwards and tuck your hips under you so as not to squeeze your low back for balance. You abs and lats should start to become more active and you should bring your shoulder blades to the front of your body as you extend the arms to engage your lats even further.
Pay particular attention to how his shoulder blades come forward to stabilize the body. Proceed through this exercise slowly for :30 seconds

Exercise #2 Opposite Side Toe Touches

From the plank position, raise up into a straight arm plank. Swing your left leg under your body as straight as possible until you can touch your left foot's toes with your right hand. Repeat with right leg to left hand.
You can go as fast or as slow as you like. Always pull the abs up and in to support your back. Repeat this movement for :30 seconds

Exercise #3 Burpees

I think this says it all! The ever popular squat thrust!
Do as many as you can in one minute.

Exercise #4 Alligator Push-Ups

Drop back down to the ground and perform a solid push-up. Then walk one hand forward and perform another push up with your hands staggered. Hop the other hand forward and perform another staggered push up. Scuttle along the floor like an alligator
Keep this up for one minute!

Exercise #5 Roll Up Squat Hop

Starting on your back, roll onto your shoulders (building momentum), then rock back to your feet, and finish with a jump hop. A mat is really helpful for this or some decent carpeting.
Keep rocking and rolling for one minute!

Exercise #6 Quick Switch CrossOver Lunges

A crossover lunge just means to cross the plane of your opposite leg moving laterally. Step forward and across your body, then return to start and switch to step to the other side. Pick up some speed and perform this for :30 seconds

Exercise #7 Crab Crawl Toe Touch

Finish off the workout with a crab crawl position and, with hips off of the floor, alternate touching your toes.
Do these for :30 seconds!

Want a tougher workout? Do another round, or two, or three, or however many!

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And To Reward Yourself: High Protein Chocolate Mousse!!!